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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Over the years, my kiddos have given me several pieces of writing and artwork that make me laugh out loud. Here are a couple of my favorites.

The other day, we finished a lesson a little bit early and the kiddos had about 5 minutes before moving to art, so I said they could use the extra time to draw a picture. While I was circulating around the room, this girl Vanessa kept asking me question after question. I was a bit distracted while checking in with one student so I just answered without paying much attention to what she was doing. Here are some of her questions:

Vanessa: Ms. Mai, how do you spell your name?
Me: M-S period M-A-I
Vanessa: Ms. Mai, how old are you?
Me: 32.
Vanessa: Ms. Mai, are you married?
Me: No.
Vanessa: Ms. Mai, do you have kids?
Me: No.

After the children lined up and left the classroom, this is what I found on my desk:
This is an old piece of writing from when I was teaching first grade for the first time in 2008...geez, that makes me feel old! The children had to write about the hero in their life. Yasmin chose me and this is what she wrote:
I really liked how she said that I'm always nice, but then later stated that I'm a little mean...ha! But my favorite was her use of quotation marks. So funny!

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